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Jeremy B. Blair – Chair
4040 South Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, AL 35802
Term: June 21, 2013 to June 20, 2018
Appointed by:  Gov. Robert Bentley

Education and Certifications

MS., Marriage and Family Therapy, July 2000

B.A., Psychology, December 1997

License # L256


    • Clinical Director
      • Provides leadership to insure the overall quality of all mental healthlsubstance abuse clinical services provided to clients of all ages.
      • Facilitates the implementation and maintenance of effective organization-wide policies and procedures that govern the provision of clinical care.
      • Facilitates the implementation and maintenance of an effective organizationwide system for monitoring client outcomes and satisfaction.
      • Monitors compliance with policies, procedures, and standards of care, communicate changes, and monitor organizational compliance.
      • Designs, develops, and assists in the implementation of new clinical services that are financially sound and meet community needs.
  • THE BRIDGE, INC., August 2000 - April 2011
    • Director of Operations, January 2007 -  April 2011
      • Formulate and direct the implementation of the company's clinical philosophy, evidence-based practices, curricula and clinical supervision. Responsible for ensuring clinical compliance with DMH, DYS, and Medicaid.
      • Operational oversight of multi-site, statewide facility operations consisting of residential beds and multiple community-based offices including support services of medical, food services and maintenance..
      • Active participation with Executive Council in developing new programs, expanding existing programs and evaluating new business opportunities.
      • Oversight of hiring and disciplining of employees consistent with human resource and company policies and procedures.
      • Ensure content of client file is in full compliance with company Policies and Procedures, Medicaid, ALLKids and contracting agency standards.
      • Assist in the development of client satisfaction surveys and outcome reports.
      • Direct the planning and implementation of clinical and non-clinical employee training.
      • Develop and direct the implementation of an appropriate, effective and efficient quality assurance and improvement plan.

    • Mobile Area Coordinator, August 2002 - December 2006
      • Provide direct oversight of clinical and operational services of all programs in Mobile including 120-bed residential campus, two outpatient programs and an adolescent drug court with an operating budget of over 4 million.
      • Provide direct supervision to all operations including medical, food service and maintenance ofthe Gulf Coast Campus.
      • Engaged in daily oversight in individual program components.
      • Assist program managers in implementing procedures for compliance within programs of standards, mandates and licensing issues through Department of Mental Health-Substance Abuse Division and Department of Youth Services.
      • Provide and oversee training of support and clinical staff members.

    • Tuscaloosa Recovery Center Program Manager, July 2001 - August 2002
      • Daily management of individual program clinical services with program counselors.
      • Supervision of direct treatment services provided by the program therapeutic staff.
      • Implemented procedures for compliance within programs at the direction of the Coordinator.
      • Assisted in collaboration with local judicial officials, probation officers and school system representatives to help develop a Compass Alternative School.

    • Gadsden Campus Prevention Manager, April 2001 - July 2001
      • Managed program staff providing prevention services
      • Provided prevention services to adolescent males

    • Gadsden Crisis Residential Treatment Center Therapist, August 2000 - April 2001
      • Conducted individual, group, family and adventure-based counseling for adolescent males with primary diagnosis of substance abuse.


  • NIATx Change Leader Academy, Madison, WI, May 2011; Alabama School for Alcohol and Drug Studies, March 2012
  • Building a Provider Network that Matters, Alabama School for Alcohol and Drug Studies, March 2010
  • NIATx Leadership Webinar Series, Peer Presenter, October 2009
  • Advancing Recovery, NIATx Alabama Continuing Care Project, July 2009
  • Cannabis Youth Treatment Series, Alabama School for Alcohol and Drug Studies, March 2006
  • Equipping the New Professional, Alabama School for Alcohol and Drug Studies, 2002-2006
  • Adventure-Based Counseling, Mobile, 2001-2004


  • Board Member of the Alabama Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Past President, 2012-2013; President, 2010-2012 -Present; President-Elect, 2009- 201 0; Secretary, 2005-2008
  • Clinical Member- American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • NlATx Executive Leadership Academy, 2008
  • Robert Wood Johnson Advancing Recovery, Project Director, 2008
  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Comi Judges, Juvenile Drug Court Grant Project Team Leader, 2003
  • Mobile County, AL Children's Policy Council, 2002-2011